Welcome to GenoPro collaboration

GenoPro Gamma is the code name for our next version of GenoPro.

One of the first and biggest feature of GenoPro Gamma is the collaboration system where multiple users can work simultaneously in the same document.

How Use the Collaboration System

1. Download GenoPro Gamma

2. You need a registration key for GenoPro Gamma (the GenoPro 1.x, GenoPro 2007 and GenoPro 2011 will not work since GenoPro Gamma is a new product).

  • You can get a free temporary key by requesting the key within GenoPro Gamma.
  • You can purchase GenoPro Gamma. This gives you the full version, all gamma versions, upgrades and patches as well as the final build of the next version of GenoPro 

3. Menu file - Online Collaboration - Collaboration Wizards...

4. Follow the steps. Once your project is created, it should be visible under your account page.

Any problems or suggestions should be posted in the Gamma forum